The Hospitality Business has taken the world by a storm. The simple statistic that among the breakdown of the economy globally the hotel business has continual to open new and advanced endeavors comes as an guarantee that the business still has a long way to go. The Indian tourism and hospitality business has emerged as one of the key businesses driving growth of the services sector in India.

All this stances significant for an applicant of the Hotel Management because one ought to know that the reality of the business he/she would sooner or later be a part of. In times like today where everything is projected and made accessible for the common people, a apprentice should carefully research and make his/her career choices rather than unseeingly following someone else or giving in to peer pressure.

Hospitality Operation

Hospitality Operations Management platform deals you the business expertise and intelligence to effort in an extensive choice of regions within this multi-layered business. Those regions consist of front desk managing, housekeeping operations, food and beverage managing and human resources formation.
Alumni of the Hotel Operations Management platform have limitless career openings, answer back to the needs of guests and providing them with outstanding facility and courtesy to feature. You will be fully able to step into key roles within both the front and back desk, and make an impression on the guest experience.

Picture the look on guests’ faces as they walk into the stunning lobby of a world-class hotel, are greeted by a helpful caretaker and sincerely greeted to a perfectly-finished guest suite before enjoying a meal and exquisite service in the dining room. All of this is made possible by the hard work and dedication of graduates from Hospitality Operations Management platform.   By using technology solutions, you can rapidly improve five of your most crucial operational activities.

Revenue Management

Due to its multi-layered nature, revenue management is one of the most complex but fundamental tools for maximizing your property’s profitability. A revenue management system (RMS) analyzes data from past, present, and future forecasts to ensure you’re offering the right room at the best rate to your ideal customer at the right times.


Technology tracks and predicts numbers, but people drive home your property’s unique value proposition. So, how can you help your hiring managers find the right people that complement your business model?
Recruiting software allows HR pros to survey a large population of applicants with desirable skills while 


Whether it’s with a spa, salon, restaurant or travel and tour services, a smart strategic partnership can enhance the visibility and desirability of your hotel. To set apart a true partner from a simple vendor, go beyond your gut and back up your decisions with technology. Look to your PMS to ensure it’s tracking 


Dominant the social media game:
If you are in a hospitality industry, you must be well awake about the influence social media can have on your industry. In the age of instagram and facebook, we easily getting observed and revealed is impartially easy. However, turning that visibility into brand loyalty requires regularhard work. The key is to have a devoted team to plan social media campaigns and events that can uplift your brand.
Handling bad reviews and negative events:
It also play a serious part in preserving your brand appearance. Many brands have a tendency to to answer back to reviews without bearing in mind the feelings in the review. Answering with a predetermined response can go wrong to a certain extent severe.  Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the review in the hope that no one will notice. Always write back to the customer with a possible solution to make the experience better next time.
Going green: From eco-friendly decor to in community waste controlling practices, going green is not just a slogan for restaurants now. Choosing for locally grown produce, handling their food waste in house, avoiding plastic straws, using organic ingredients, energy resourceful appliances are some of the green practices that are sure to grow in popularity in 2019. When a restaurant adopts eco-friendly practices it creates a positive image about the brand from a customer’s perspective and it can be a major selling point.
Healthy menus: With more and more youngsters choosing for anin good health lifestyle, healthy set of choices will continue to govern this year. Fried and processed diets are a big time no-no whereas fruits, vegetables, non-refined sugar are given a green signal. Fresh, healthy, organic, vegan, gluten free food, consumers today are increasingly insisting upon natural and healthy food.
Art of plating: ‘Eat with your eyes’ is current trend that’s holding up. The color of the food and the way it’s setup on the plate is as essential as its taste. For cocktails, it’s not just about what you drink, it’s about what you drink it in. Millennial today enjoy a multi-sensory eating and drinking practice. Creating ‘instagram’ worthy dishes is the new way to build a buzz among target audience. Whether it’s a fried appetizer, a dramatic cocktail or sinful dessert, a series of posts on instagram can be a crowd puller.
Creating a private experience:Eating out is no longer merely about the food, it’s about the experience as a whole. Regular consumers crave for a touch of personal attention and a curated experience.  Restaurants and hotel chains can create a sense of belongingness to the customer by creating tailor made experiences for them.